The ATS Team may have started locally, but we quickly branched out, not only nationwide, but spanning the Globe. Every month, a new challenge is presented to us and one of our teams is dispatched to a far-off location to assist in the production of a live-action event.


Ninja Warrior UK

Thanks to our in-house capabilities, The ATS Team is able to design and build all necessary sets and courses in our warehouse and ship them to various locations around the globe, which always ends up being cost-effective for our clients.

The ATS Team has spent two seasons in the United Kingdom developing NINJA WARRIOR UK, consulting on all aspects of the show, tweaking the American version for the UK audience.

In Norway, The ATS Team built a King Swing for THE AMAZING RACE, in which contestants leapt from a bridge while attached to an 80-foot rope swing, after which they unclipped and dropped into the ice-cold Arctic Ocean.

In Panama City, again with THE AMAZING RACE, The ATS Team built a tightrope between two skyscrapers more than 35 stories in the air, a jaw-droppingly beautiful stunt for which we still receive praise.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden, The ATS Team assisted in building versions of the NINJA WARRIOR courses for the respective countries.

The ATS Team created a new wrinkle on the famous NINJA WARRIOR course in Bahrain, a non-televised event sponsored by the Kingdom, for all of the people to come and participate.


Spartan Denmark

When the producers of NBCUniversal’s popular SPARTAN: ULTIMATE TEAM CHALLENGE allowed a production company in Denmark to create their own version of the show, The ATS Team was asked to set up the course. While the format was similar to the American version, inherent challenges were present while building a course during winter in Scandinavia, specifically the constant cold. Whether the day was going to be snowy, rainy, overcast, or even sunny, it was always bitterly cold. One particular issue was the use of heavy machinery that often sunk into the ground during sudden rainstorms. However, as always, we overcame each challenge we faced and the end result was a truly stunning course that looked beautiful on screen - one of the most beautiful we have ever created.

And it’s not always The ATS Team traveling the world - sometimes the world comes to us. After years of working on the American version of THE AMAZING RACE, the Chinese production of the show came to America, and The ATS Team constructed challenges on both the East and West Coasts for the episode.

These are only a few of the examples which our team produced successful Television Series and live events.  As for the future, The ATS Team is currently in talks with broadcasters and producers in the following countries:  Australia, Mexico, Russia, The Middle East, Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Planning to bring cutting edge entertainment into all of these countries and more, chances are you will see a production from The ATS Team in the near future while traveling the globe.