The ATS Team is a Los Angeles based company offering complete worldwide entertainment industry solutions. Our expertise includes TV and entertainment development, production services, challenge & stunt design rigging,  underwater & high angle life safety, set shop constructionSPFXstaging/truss rentals, and live production. Our services have been utilized for feature films, commercial shoots, concerts, and television shows around the Globe. Our clientele, with the most elite names in the industry, includes NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Hulu, Sy-Fy, Reel, Disney, and many more.


Over the last fifteen years we have worked with every major television network and studio providing our production, rigging, challenge, art, and stunt experience for popular television shows and feature films including The Amazing RaceThe Biggest Loser, Top Shot, American Ninja Warrior, and Big Brother.


Our company has worked with producers and networks alike in development of Television Shows, pitch docs, concept rendering, pre-visualzation, and research. We have been able to provide services from as large as taking a concept of a series and actualizing it for TV, to designing a challenge or episode of a single show.


Nate Moore

Chief Executive Officer

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Sarah Avalos

Chief Financial Officer

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Mike Woodward

Vice President of Creative Development

Danny Sanz

Executive Producer

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Adam Sawyers

Head of Design

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Spyros Vamvas

Project Manager

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Erik Petko

Head of Wood

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Brian Fowler

Head of Metal

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Matt Reese

Special Agent

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JJ Getskow

Project Manager

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Sean Loche

Creative Director