The producers of AMERICAN GRIT presented The ATS Team with a very specialized need: outdoor challenges representative of the kind of difficulties that are faced by elite members of the military. This required us to draw on our expertise in outdoor adventure, safety, and teamwork. Which we were more than happy to do.


Taking place over a six-week period in the Pacific Northwest, AMERICAN GRIT featured some of the most adverse conditions The ATS Team has encountered. By building an endurance course into the natural forest terrain, including tying the anchors into trees, the course was at the mercy of Mother Nature.

"When the wind blew, the whole course shifted - a living, breathing obstacle course."

 On another occasion, when contestants needed to rappel off of a bridge under the supervision of The ATS Team, it snowed on the bridge for the first time in more than a decade.

The conditions were so extreme that the producers asked us to be on set full-time, not just for the segments we developed. No problem. Just another day at the office - in this case, the office being the great outdoors - for The ATS Team.


American Grit Renews for Season 2

Meet the Cast of American Grit

Meet the Cast of American Grit

John Cena Inks Development Deal with Leftfield Entertainment

John Cena Inks Development Deal with Leftfield Entertainment